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April 2010

The Honorable David A. Paterson
Governor of New York
The Honorable Malcolm A. Smith
Majority Leader of the Senate
The Honorable Sheldon Silver
Speaker of the Assembly
The Honorable Dean G. Skelos
Minority Leader of the Senate
The Honorable Brian M. Kolb
Minority Leader of the Assembly

To the Honorable David A. Paterson and Members of the Legislature:

On behalf of the Commissioners and staff of the New York State Commission on Public Integrity, I am pleased to present you with this 2009 Annual Report.

This report includes descriptions of the Commission's training activities, enforcement efforts, investigations and advisory opinions, as well as the legislative proposals for the current year. The report also notes the decrease in spending by lobbyists last year.

The Commission, like other State agencies, has had to perform its work with an increasingly restrictive budget, leading to cutbacks in personnel, travel and other expenditures. We have adjusted to these fiscal realities while continuing to fulfill our responsibilities as required by law. The Commission could not have successfully performed its work and met its challenges without the dedication and skill of its staff.


Signature, Barry Ginsberg

Barry Ginsberg
Executive Director and General Counsel